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Tough ref red-carded - Chomie allegedly assaults mistress

2012-07-23 07:07:39.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

RETIRED PSL referee and CAF match commissioner Herman Nkuna found himself off-side of the law for allegedly assaulting his wife's substitute, Morwesi Mahlafuna, with a red-hot iron after she'd red-carded him.

COUNTER CHARGES: Ex-ref Herman Nkuna. Picture by Antonio Muchave
LOVER: Morwesi Mahlafuna. Picture by Bongani Mnguni

 The problem started when I discovered he was married. When we met he didn't tell me that 

And in a desperate attempt to only be yellow-carded by the cops for his foul instead of being sent to the chookie, Nkuna allegedly dashed to Protea Police Station carrying an axe and claimed Mahlafuna had tried to chop him to pieces.

But Nkuna was sent to the cells, where he spent a night before being released without bail.

Speaking to Sunday World from her manicured Protea Glen, Soweto, house, Mahlafuna says she fell for the former whistleman, fondly known as "Chomie", in 2001 and conceived his child in 2005.

Mahlafuna says Nkuna bought her a house.

"The problem started when I discovered he was married. When we met he didn't tell me that," says doe-eyed Mahlafuna. "I only discovered that in 2005 when I fell pregnant with his child."

She says when she confronted him he told her he was busy divorcing his wife.

"I then told him we should call it quits and would only reconcile when he shows me a divorce decree," she says.

Mahlafuna says in 2010 she found another man after realising Nkuna would not divorce his wife.

"He beat me up. I laid a charge against him but it just disappeared," she says.

Mahlafuna says she broke up with her new man after Nkuna promised to wed her last year.

"But I decided to find myself a new boyfriend this year after realising that he would not leave his wife," she says.

All hell broke loose on Tuesday when Nkuna arrived at the house.

Mahlafuna says he blitzed into the house and told her: 'Tell your mother (who lives with her) to come here so that you can tell me in front of her that you're having an affair and you don't love me anymore'.

"He slapped me in the face, then grabbed the iron with which I was ironing clothes and hit me in the face with it. "Luckily it didn't burn my face but burnt my neighbour's hand," she says. The neighbour had answered her cries for help.

Mahlafuna says she wanted to drive to the police station to report the case but Nkuna had parked her in.

"I got into his car, released the handbrake and pushed it into the street. I then got into my car but he parked me in again, forcing me to walk to the police station."

Mahlafuna says Nkuna arrived at the police station with an axe and told the police she had tried to hack him with it.

"He opened a case of intimidation against me and they arrested both of us."

Nkuna was released on his own recognisance. The prosecutor declined to prosecute Mahlafuna "for insufficient evidence".

She obtained a protection order against Nkuna. "I served the order at the home he shares with his wife in Dobsonville, Soweto, on Wednesday night in the presence of the police but he refused to sign it.

Nkuna denies the assault and says: "I argued with her because she brought her Rastafarian boyfriend Sphiwe into my house. She can have an affair, I don't care, but she mustn't bring him into my house."

He says he didn't sign the protection order as it prohibited him from going to his house: "So her boyfriend is free to go into my house but I can't? Where's the sense in that? I'm the one paying the bond on the house."

Nkuna says he will not divorce his wife.

"Before she met this boy Sphiwe she had an affair with another man. Would you leave your wife for that kind of woman?" he asks.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Kay Makhubele confirms Nkuna's arrest for assault and that he was released on a warning. He will appear to plead on July 31.

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