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Player in action! Mbazo, mistress and lovechild

2012-07-02 08:02:40.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

FORMER Bafana Bafana defender Aaron Mokoena's marriage to his wife Jwalane seems to be in injury time.

 The marriage is on the rocks because his wife moved out 

We can reveal that the referee might blow the final whistle for the footie's marriage after he came back to South Africa almost a month ago, only to set up a secret holiday camp with another woman.

Mokoena, who is said to be joining Bidvest Wits in the new season, is currently shacking up with Ghanaian-Dutch Adelaide Vanderpuye. She is wearing a band on her left finger but Mokoena denies that they are engaged or married.

And bizarrely, Mokoena's hideaway is just a few kilometres away from his Vaal family home where his wife Jwalane is based.

Sources close to the situation say a fed-up Jwalane has since left Mokoena's family home saying she was going on holiday.

She could not be reached for comment but confirmed two years ago that she is aware that Mokoena was having a relationship with Venderpuye.

Mokoena, known as Mbazo to millions of soccer fans, confirms that he has not laid a hat at his home since his arrival.

He's staying at the expensive Riverside Hotel in the Vaal where the cheapest room is R1 500 per night.

"I stay here because I don't have a house of my own in South Africa. I saw no reason to buy a house here previously because I was based and playing in England. I am now looking at buying myself a house.

"My wife knows about Adelaide and that we also have an 8-year-old child together. I brought them down here last year to perform a ritual in which I was formally introducing them to my family and ancestors," he says.

Vanderpuye could also not be interviewed as Mokoena left her behind when he honoured his appointment with us and she has no local contact details.

"The marriage is on the rocks because his wife moved out under the pretence of going on holiday. I feel sad that he's doing this to his wife but at the end of the day he's a man and I hope he knows what he's doing," says the friend.

The friend says Mokoena sleeps with Vanderpuye at night at the hotel and only visits his home during the day.

Sunday World visited Vaal on Friday and spent a night at the same hotel where the former Portsmouth captain is booked in.

Upon arrival in the Vaal, Mbazo's huge Hummer H2 was parked outside his home on Chestorn Street.

While we were checking in at the hotel, Mokoena arrived in his monster SUV and had a number of passengers who could not be ascertained with him.

Mokoena alighted from the vehicle while speaking on his cellphone. A few minutes later, the "other woman", who is as beautiful as a wafting snow shower, waltzed out of the hotel carrying a hand bag.

As she was trudging towards the car, a young girl got off the car and went back in quickly.

Vanderpuye, in dark clothes and stilettos, got into the car and started chatting to the passengers. While we were trying to suss out who the other passengers were, Mokoena got into the car, cranked it up and hit the road.

He returned to the hotel at about 8pm but quickly went back into the car and drove off again.

Then the couple returned in the wee hours of Saturday morning, parked the car and retired to their love nest. We first contacted Mokoena through his hotel room and he answered.

He says: "I'm in the dark. But if you were here why didn't you come to me so we could talk. I will speak to you when you agree to meet with me."

We later met with him for an interview yesterday at which he confirmed that the woman was his lover and the mother of his child.

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