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Seven-year-old molests classmate

2012-06-04 09:17:24.0 | TEBOGO MONAMA |

TEACHERS at a Gauteng primary school got the shock of their lives when a seven-year-old boy allegedly sexually attacked a fellow pupil of the same age this week.

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 Who is the victim in this case? Though the boy is seen as a perpetrator, he is also a victim 

The incident allegedly took place in the toilets during school hours.

The Gauteng Department of Education has launched an investigation into the matter.

Department spokesperson Charles Phahlane confirms that authorities also dispatched counsellors to the school.

"We are investigating a case of sexual misconduct at the school. The department views all instances of sexual misconduct in a serious light.

"An independent investigation will also be conducted to determine whether the school dealt with the incident in the correct manner," says Phahlane.

Parents of the little girl did not want to discuss the matter and efforts to contact the boy's parents were fruitless.

Education psychologist Lara Ragpot says there are many reasons why the boy could have acted in the manner in which he did.

Ragpot says: "The only way a child that young can have any sexual reference is if he saw something or something happened to him.

"It is not developmentally appropriate. He does not understand that what he saw or what happened to him is not right.

"Who is the victim in this case? Though the boy is seen as a perpetrator, he is also a victim. The girl has also been scarred at such a young age."

She says it is also important for parents to discuss abuse with their children.

"The best way to talk to a child is to tell them that no one is allowed to touch their bodies. It does not have to be talk about genitals but that no one is allowed to touch their bodies without permission.

"As a result of the society we live in, we have to have sex talk with our children at an early age.

"When we want to have sex education talks in schools, we need to get permission from parents.

"Some parents are against children being told about sex because they see it as their responsibility or that the kids are too young."

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