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Khanyi stuns with on-air whopper

2012-05-28 06:50:52.0 | BONGANI MDAKANE |

MEDIA junkie Khanyi Mbau has resorted to lying through her teeth in order to make a comeback into the spotlight - and curry favour with her boyfriend's family.

LIAR, LIAR! Khanyi Mbau seemed to think her untrue announcement would endear her to her boyfriend's family. Picture by Jackie Clausen

 Khanyi's desperation to endear herself to the family made her to say that on TV 

Last week Saturday Mbau, the former wife of faded former millionaire Mandla Mthembu, shocked millions of viewers on SABC1's Real Goboza when she announced that she was pregnant with the child of Kwela Tebza's frontman Tebogo Lerole.

However, Sunday World can reveal that Mbau is not pregnant.

She conceived the fib in a flimsy attempt to con Lerole's family into believing she was carrying the pennywhistle man's child to gain their approval.

Close friends of the couple say Mbau told the whopper in an attempt to keep her foot in the door with the Leroles, who are not impressed with her wild ways.

However, it is understood that her prima donna acts only served to anger and embarrass the Lerole family.

"Khanyi's desperation to endear herself to the family made her to say that on TV.

"Now her actions have angered Tebogo's mother and she had strong words with her soon after the dramatic public announcement.

"Mama Thembi wasn't even aware that Khanyi was 'pregnant'. She only learnt about it on Saturday.

"After Khanyi's dramatic announcement, Mama Thembi called Tebogo to demand an explanation about what she said," says a family friend who asks not to be named.

Another mole tells us: "She also accused Tebogo of being secretive when it comes to issues relating to the family."

But the ever-controversial Mbau sang a different tune when contacted for comment about her latest pack of lies.

"I've never been on Real Goboza. I've never said I am pregnant and I am lying low for now," she said before hanging up.

This despite the fact that this writer, along with millions of viewers, watched her telling her blatant lie!

When Lerole was called and asked about the validity of Khanyi's claim, he simply hung up.


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