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Cover up! 'Prima donna' Sexwale was really kicked out

2012-05-28 07:57:19.0 | AMOS MANANYETSO |

CONCERTED efforts by Talk Radio 702 and their former presenter Kay Sexwale to pull the wool over the public's eyes have backfired.

GET OUT! 'Spoilt brat' Kay Sexwale. Picture by Simphiwe Nkwali

 She never took constructive feedback from her peers or management. If anything went wrong it was always the fault of the producers, but not her 

The two parties embarked on a lousy PR exercise after the Primedia radio station fired Sexwale for what insiders label the "prima donna" attitude of heavyweight Tokyo Sexwale's niece.

Sexwale, who was hosting a 9pm to midnight show for just over a year, was shown the door after she failed to present her show following a tiff with one of her producers.

Initially Sexwale claimed she had resigned from the station.

Station manager Pheladi Gwangwa later clarified that the "spoilt brat" was actually given her marching orders.

But Gwangwa did not explain the reasons why the two parties parted ways.

Sunday World can today reveal that Sexwale, who replaced an equally controversial Kieno Kamis, had a fallout with one of her producers and started making "obscene" demands.

Our source says: "She used to tell her close associates that she was too good for the night slot and deserved a prime-time, daytime slot.

"She never took constructive feedback from her peers or management. If anything went wrong it was always the fault of the producers, but not her."

Both Sexwale and Gwangwa were spoken to and sent a list of questions to respond to regarding the allegations but chose to stick to the PR script.

In her written response, Gwangwa, who is now keeping mum, says: "I have nothing further to add to this matter.

"Please find below the statement that I sent earlier this week."

She then pasted the joint statement that the parties had dispatched on Tuesday.

For her part, Sexwale submitted this written response:

"You have clearly been misinformed. I refer you to the statement that was issued by 702 on Tuesday relating to my departure, which was drawn up jointly by Ms Gwangwa and myself and issued after The Star incorrectly reported on the matter.

"The statement accurately reflects what transpired and to suggest otherwise is nonsense."

But we can safely report that matters came to a head when Sexwale sent a threatening SMS to Gwangwa instructing her to chop the producer in question or face the possibility of not having a show on the evening in question.

"They gave her a chance and called her again on Thursday when she didn't pitch.

"She apparently told the producer that he was stupid and that she would never ever work with him.

"They called her in on Friday and pulled the trigger on her 702 career," says the Primedia insider.

Aubrey Masango has been roped in as presenter of the evening show on an interim basis.

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