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Majoro aims, fires a stream of pee at patrons car

2012-05-14 07:08:45.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

THE PSL will not introduce the Bad Boyz of Soccer category to their annual awards any-time soon.

ACE MARKSMAN: But it seems Lehlohonolo Majoro has been taking lessons from the dogs.
WARNING: A sign should be put up outside Newscafé in Auckland Park, Joburg, saying: 'Beware! piss happy footballers at large'. Picture by Antonio Muchave

But if they do, Kaizer Chiefs striker Lehlohonolo Majoro will definitely be a contender for allegedly behaving like a rascal when he's had one too many.

It is alleged Majoro was brawling with security guards at Mellville's News Cafe in Jozi on Friday night last week.

Majoro denies ever setting his foot in the joint on Friday.

"It's not true. I wasn't even there on Friday," he says.

But the pub's owner, who only identifies herself as Kathy, says: "My manager only saw the security talking to him.

"She didn't see any brawl.

"But that he urinated on people's cars can be confirmed."

Our mole, who witnessed the incident, says he was shooting the breeze with his friends when he suddenly heard a security guard screaming: "I don't want to fight with you Majoro, uyangidelela Majoro (You are disrespecting me). Majoro replied: "I also don't want to fight with you at all."

But the source says Majoro allegedly kept pushing the security guard.

The source says what left patrons in stitches was when the visibly irate security guard yelled at the footie, accusing him of emptying his bladder on other patrons' cars every time he visited the watering hole.

Though he didn't whip it out that night, the guards have on several occasions seen the rather unedifying spectacle of Majoro relieving himself in public.

"It isn't the first time, uchamela nezimoto zabantu uma uze lana (you also urinate on other people's cars when you are here).

"There's a toilet inside the place," the source quoted the security guards as having said.

The eyewitness says that Majoro, who was imbibing ale with Orlando Pirates marksman Mark Mayambela, among others, was approached by one of his fans, record company executive Ndabi Thomas, who asked him to pose for a picture with him.

Majoro stood up and posed for a pic with Thomas. As Thomas's friend was taking pictures with his cellphone, Majoro protested about poor lighting in the drinkery and asked Thomas to step outside with him.

Majoro grabbed his beer bottle and headed for the exit while gulping down the contents of a green bottle.

As they were walking out, a security guard stopped the dreadlocked footballer and ordered him to leave the beer bottle behind.

This because by-laws do not allow patrons to walk out of the joint carrying open beer bottles.

Majoro reacted angrily.

He pushed the security guard who had blocked his way and started bullying him.

"It wasn't necessary at all as they only told him he couldn't go out with alcohol.

"That was all they said," says the witness.

"But he argued with them and after a few minutes many security guards gathered around him.

"But Majoro kept pushing them, trying to force his way out with the beer in his hand.

"He ended up violently putting it down and again pushed the security guards.

"The guy who wanted to take pictures with Majoro asked him to leave the beer behind and even offered to buy him a six pack just for him to let the single half beer go, but he didn't win.

"Majoro told him to stay out of the drama and let him deal with the security guards."

Ndabi confirms that there was a quarrel between Majoro and the security guards.

"The guards didn't want him to take the beer outside but he argued with them and that was what started that commotion.

"We ended up not taking the pictures with Majoro because of that.

"His friends stopped all the drama, though they were reluctant to do so."

Another eyewitness who was at the drinking hole when the skirmish erupted says Mayambela is the one who brokered peace between the warring parties.

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