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Shivambu changes his tune

2012-05-07 10:52:09.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

AFTER denying being the father, suspended ANC Youth League spin doctor Floyd Shivambu allegedly cried like a baby on hearing about the death of Andile Masuku's two-month-old son.

DAD: Floyd Shivambu. Picture by Alon Skuy
MOM: Andile Masuku

 Please note it on record that I am not involved with the child she is caring (sic) 

Tragedy befell Masuku when her son died after a short illness last week at Witbank Hospital in Mpumalanga.

Shivambu, who disputed the child's paternity at first, seemingly had a dash of sensitivity upon hearing of the baby' s death .

Drum magazine published an e-mail sent by Shivambu, in which he denied "claims" by Masuku, who was his live-in-lover and mother of his other child, who is nine-months-old, that he was her new baby's father.

"Please note it on record that I am not involved with the child she is caring (sic). I publicly acknowledged and I know of Katekani as my child. I demand [an] immediate apology as I have nothing to do with the pregnancy of Andile Masuku. I have forwarded the e-mail and communicated with Andile that she must also stop spreading lies about my name (sic). I am not the father of her child and she knows that very well," read the e-mail, which Drum published verbatim" read Shivambu's e-mail to Drum.

He and Masuku , who has three kids, split up after accusations and counter-accusations of infidelity.

Shivambu was also dragged to the Equality Court by journalist Carien du Plessis, who accused him of, among other things, racist insults.

He was ordered to pay about R100000 in legal costs after he apologised to her for calling her a "white bitch".

Shivambu declined to comment on the death of his child, and Masuku was too distraught to speak to us. She referred us to her brother Phetsa Masuku.

Phetsa says: "The child fell ill on a Wednesday and was taken to Piet Retief Hospital. He was later transferred to Witbank Hospital, where he passed away on Thursday."

Phetsa says the child was buried at Piet Retief cemetery on Thursday and that Shivambu attended the funeral.

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