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Presenter iced - Cash yanked off air to face disciplinary hearing

2012-04-15 10:49:25.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

FORMER Kaya FM and current North West FM backbone Pat Cash's broadcasting career is now in mute mode.


 What bothered him was that he laid a grievance with management about Makamo wanting to go toe-to-toe with him but it was totally ignored 

Cash, born Patrick Maloyi, was dragged away from the microphone and suspended from work on Tuesday prior to appearing before the station's disciplinary committee tomorrow to answer, among other charges, failing to attend a meeting called by his bosses.

One of the station's employees, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, says Cash was suspended on Tuesday after refusing to attend a meeting with station manager Raymond Makamo, because he feared for his safety.

A few weeks ago, Makamo challenged Cash to a bare-knuckle fist fight.

According to the employee, Makamo made his pugilistic challenge after he was incensed by Cash's gripes that management was paying lip service to its commitment to develop the station. Cash was unhappy that management had turned down a request to buy new headphones.

"He was ordered to a meeting at short notice, which he declined for fear of his safety.

"What bothered him was that he laid a grievance with management about Makamo wanting to go toe-to-toe with him but it was totally ignored," says the employee.

Makamo says: "Pat Cash has not been suspended. He has been placed on special leave. I can't comment any further on this matter."

Another charge against Cash relates to an e-mail exchange he had with the South African Music Rights Organisation (Samro), apparently over royalties.

"The station alleges that he misrepresented facts and failed to protect the station, even though Makamo had himself admitted to Samro that the station had failed to comply with its rules.

"You can see that this is a witch- hunt to fire or frustrate him out of the station," says the employee.

Cash was also charged with "leaking" sensitive company information to Sunday World following the article we published about him and Makamo fighting over the latter's failure to buy headphones.

Cash says: "I can't comment on the charges I'm facing, except to say the charges are unrelated to my work or performance as an on-air personality.

"I care that the truth should come out and I respect the rule of law, hence I have no problem being subjected to a hearing.

"But the company should also charge and investigate others who are alleged to have done wrong.

"Going to the media is never a solution. With each incident my side of the story is never told and my reputation suffers a great deal." Cash is not new to being iced and yanked off air by his employers but was exonerated from any wrongdoing on all earlier charges.

"People in the business consider me a problem presenter and that's because I respect the confidentiality part of my relationship with the employer," he says.

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