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'Why did the board allow this situation?'

2012-04-08 10:22:02.0 | Sunday World |

In the complaint before the Public Protector, it is alleged that the salary bill from June to October this year increased "with (sic) R29m" "as a direct result of improper HR decisions implemented by Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

"This brings into question the role of the board in providing strategic oversight on this institution.

"This is not limited to the salary issues.

"The Public Protector must also investigate how it came about that the board allowed a situation where all qualified senior managers were allowed to be pushed out of the organisation in favour of a man with the above dubious history and who is not qualified by any stretch of the imagination.

"In investigating this issue, the PP must also investigate why the board allowed this situation to the extent that right now most of the senior executives in the technology department either resigned or are suspended.

"This has left a crucial unit under the management of a very junior official acting as the chief technology officer.

"How did it come about that a person with the above history and background should be allowed to rise above COC levels?

"What dicisions were taken (and) endorsed by the Board and what was the basis for those decisions which allowed the above situation to prevail."

"How did the Board ignore an initial request for investigation on (sic) some these issues?"

"Decisions taken by Hlaudi in respect of firing people, promoting and paying of others must be investigated and (the) role of the board must also be probed.

"The cost implications for CCMA, Courts, disciplinary procedures and payments to senior managers to go in the context of cost cutting measures must be investigated.

"The Public Protector must investigate the skills lost out of SABC as a result of Hlaudi's actions, starting from Bloemfontein newsroom to SABC Auckland Park - the significance of this is that experience from SABC is unique as there is no other Public Broadcaster in South Africa."

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