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Seeking more bodies - Cops dig up Nkuna's yard


POLICEWOMAN Francis Rasuge's boyfriend and murderer William Nkuna may find himself in court again to face more charges of murder.

MURDERED: Constable Francis Rasuge's remains were recently found buried under the house of her boyfriend William Nkuna

Sunday World can reveal that on Monday - nearly three weeks after Rasuge's remains were found at Nkuna's home - the police's forensic unit, accompanied by provincial commissioner Mzwandile Petros, visited the house in the dead of night, in what seemed a covert operation.

They dug up the whole yard looking for the remains of Reuben Kabini, one Helen and other possible Nkuna victims.

But the excavation, which lasted more than three hours, was aborted after the cops came up empty-handed.

A Sunday World investigation has uncovered that the then Limpopo-based Kabini told his family when he left his house in 2001 that he was visiting Nkuna, with whom he had business to discuss.

He vanished without trace on that trip but police found his car not far from the Rasuge household.

The murder case was investigated by Colonel Molefenyane from the Ga-Rankuwa police station.

We can also reveal that immediately after Rasuge's bones were found, Molefenyane was summoned to a meeting at the police headquarters in Pretoria.

A few hours after the grisly find, Nkuna was also yanked out of the Leeuwkop Prison facility in Joburg, hooded and whisked away under heavy police guard, to be transferred to the Baviaanspoort Prison on the outskirts of Pretoria.

Helen, the daughter of a Temba pastor, disappeared without trace many years ago. She was also romantically linked to Nkuna.

Nkuna's neighbours had informed the police of their suspicion that he was a gun-for-hire in taxi disputes and that there could be more victims that he killed and buried in his yard.

On Human Rights Day three Wednesdays ago, contractors employed by Nkuna's wife Dolly to renovate Nkuna's house chanced upon human remains while digging foundation trenches. They immediately called the police.

A few days later the remains were confirmed to be those of Constable Rasuge, who vanished in 2004.

Rasuge was Nkuna's girlfriend when she disappeared and, even without the body, he was convicted of her murder when the court presumed her dead.

But neighbours who came out to watch the first excavation were adamant that two sets of remains were found, and that one set was of a person with a gold-plated tooth.

Though we couldn't establish whose remains those were, it is suspected that they could be Kabini's.

The nocturnal digging was confirmed by Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Katlego Mogale on Friday.

"I can confirm that the police went there on Monday and dug to see if there was anything else, but we didn't find anything," she said.

"This is part of our ongoing investigations."

Mogale says they dug up the yard because they couldn't ignore people's speculations, but refuses to put a number to the victims they were looking for.

"You must remember that Temba was under North West before, so some cases were taken to the courts that side. We are consolidating all of them under Gauteng.

"The community is now linking every person who disappeared around Temba at the time to Nkuna and we can't just dismiss that."

Rasuge's remains will be interred on Saturday.

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