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Lizelle's facelift mystery

2012-04-08 09:22:11.0 | MDUDUZI DLAMINI |

'No, man this is my natural beauty'

SOCIAL butterfly Lizelle Tabane has denied that she recently went under the scalpel to perfect her looks.

Tabane shot to prominence by posing with embattled ANC Youth League President Julius Malema at businessman David Mabilu's wedding in Mauritius and allegedly passed herself off as Juju's girlfriend.

In a set of pictures that are available on the web, Tabane looks markedly different from the earlier shots of her and Juju.

In the new images, she is flawlessly sculpted, with perfect facial features.

Before the posed pictures Tabane looked strikingly humdrum.

A Pretoria source, who says she's Tabane's former schoolmate but who asked to remain anonymous, claims her sugar daddy ex-boyfriend, businessman George Leshaba, allegedly paid for her reconstruction surgery.

Leshaba did not answer his phone and also failed to return a text message asking for comment.

Tabane is adamant that she has never nipped and tucked herself, saying she is merely "ageing well" - although she is all of 22.

"I really don't know where you get such stories that I've done plastic surgery. Where and when? I mean, really now, is it a sin when a person ages well without people thinking they did something to themselves?

"I haven't done any surgery whatsoever. If you ever run such stories about me I will take legal action against you for publishing malicious, fabricated stories with defamation of character," she said.

She then threatened to go to a surgeon to prove that she never had plastic surgery. She did not want to be drawn into the specifics of her surgery.

Following an exposé about her recent past, she said she'd changed both her contact numbers this week.

"I changed my numbers because I said in my last e-mail to you that I would appreciate if the media left me alone as I do not want to be in the limelight."

But Tabane tweets incessantly and actively courts the media spotlight as she frequents high-profile social events and introduces herself to any journalist who catches her eye.


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