A serial player? Another of Isidingo actor Mavuso's indiscretions revealed

Apr 8, 2012 | BONGANI MDAKANE |

MESHACK Mavuso's skeletons are creeping out of the closet like a herd of confused dinosaurs fleeing Jurassic Park.


Thu Jan 29 16:20:34 SAST 2015 ::


    Apr 10, 2012


    Agreed completely with you Memme. I mean really, they should look within first. They're as guilty as he is and he is also human and not immune to mistakes.

    Shame on these girls and the journo who couldn't have found anything interesting to write about.
    Apr 15, 2012


    U right ma girl those slut like things so they got wat they deserve, all man are like that they chew and throw away.

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