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A serial player? Another of Isidingo actor Mavuso's indiscretions revealed

2012-04-08 09:06:07.0 | BONGANI MDAKANE |

MESHACK Mavuso's skeletons are creeping out of the closet like a herd of confused dinosaurs fleeing Jurassic Park.

 In the morning, Meshack gave her R300 for a cab 

It has now emerged that the Isidingo star, who plays Vusi Moletsane in the SABC3 soapie, is not only a philanderer but a player of note.

Sunday World this week gathered more details about Mavuso's promiscuous acts, this time involving another woman - Nomfanelo Sotshane (26) - whom he floored in a hotel room in 2009 when he was already married to his sweetheart, Neo Mavuso.

This in the same week that Mavuso admitted in a magazine interview to having slept with sultry student Naledi Gcwabe.

When Sunday World broke the Gcwabe story two weeks ago, Mavuso vehemently denied having exchanged body fluids with the student (now 26).

Friends of Mavuso's other one- night bed warmer, Sotshane, say the actor was on a business trip to Cape Town when he met his conquest.

And it doesn't end there. Sotshane is also a friend of Gcwabe's.

Her friends say Mavuso met Sotshane at a nightclub near Cape Town International Convention Centre and the two hooked up the same night.

Sotshane was at the time a liquor brand promoter.

"Nomfanelo and Meshack met at the nightclub and partied up a storm. It was on a Friday. Later he left with her and went to the hotel.

"In the morning, Meshack gave her R300 for a cab so that she could go to work," says one of the friends, who asked not to be named.

Another friend reveals that Mavuso called Sotshane later on Saturday and asked her for seconds but she told him she was not going to be available that night.

Our mole says Mavuso banged Sotshane in 2009 and Gcwabe last year. Gcwabe claimed in Sunday World two weeks ago that the star had impregnated her.

Not wanting to be caught, Mavuso then gave Gcwabe R1,500 to perform an abortion.

"Naledi asked Meshack about Nomfanelo but he dismissed the matter, saying they weren't dating and didn't bonk on the night in question.

"But Nomfanelo confirmed to Naledi she'd had a one-night stand with Meshack," says our source.

When approached about the matter, Sotshane, who is also a friend of Mavuso on Facebook, confirmed that she knew him.

"I know Meshack and what happened between us has nothing to do with you.

"You have answers that I slept with him, so why are you calling me? Where did you get my numbers from?" she asked angrily.

"I know who told you about Meshack and I."

Sunday World also approached Gcwabe about the other woman Mavuso spent a night with.

"I know Nomfanelo. She is my friend. I heard about the affair but he denied having anything to do with her," Gcwabe said.

Gcwabe, who spoke to us before the magazine hit the streets, says Mavuso spoke exclusively to the publication.

"Meshack told the magazine he only had a one-night stand with me and couldn't re- member me as he was drunk.

"He said he only remembered my face after he saw my picture in the Sunday World.

"He also told the magazine that he used a condom when he slept with me. He said he never impregnated me and I must find the father of the child I killed," she says.

Sunday World has the record of four missed calls in which Mavuso tried to get a hold of Gcwabe on March 13 and 15.

She says Mavuso told the magazine she was mentally unstable.

"For the sake of my future, career, dignity and peace, both of us know the truth. No matter how thin he cuts a slice of bread, there will always be two sides.

"I for one know that I can get 10 people to vouch for me but I am not going to play dirty like him.

"Those who have met before are bound to meet again. There will be a day when Meshack and I will meet face to face."

Mavuso says: "This matter is with my lawyers and I'm not going to comment, chief. That woman bought other people to lie about me. Bye."

Then he hung up.

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