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The Juju curse - Ex loses house, car

2012-04-01 11:02:04.0 | Reports by MDUDUZI DLAMINI |

EXPELLED ANC Youth League president Julius Malema's supposed lover Lizelle Tabane was kicked out of her house in the north of Pretoria and dispossessed of her car.

WASN'T ME: Lizelle Tabane denies Juju link.
RIDDLE: Malema and Tabane in Mauritius. Picture by Siphiwe Mhlambi

 I'm not dating Julius and I never have 

This, after a top North West businessman who was her lover came to know about rumours of her affair with Malema.

Businessman George Leshaba allegedly didn't take kindly to Tabane being romantically linked to Malema last year.

He kicked her out of the house he had put her in and took the VW Scirocco that he had bought her.

Leshaba refused to respond to requests for an interview with Sunday World this week, but Tabane did speak to us.

The embattled Malema also failed to answer or respond to extensively detailed text messages and calls sent to him.

"I'm not dating Julius and I never have," says Tabane this week. "The story of him [Leshaba] buying me a house is false. I've always stayed at home. Leshaba visited me at my home."

Tabane denies that she lived in his north Pretoria house at the time of their love affair and appears to be unaware that Leshaba is a married businessman with at least two children.

Leshaba is over 50 years old and has two homes in Haartbeespoort, where he lives with his family and another where he entertains his business associates and friends.

"We dated for almost two years and he always bought me things out of love as we were in a relationship. He bought me two other cars that you did not mention before the Scirocco," Tabane says.

"After I wanted to end things with him he became very angry and demanded I return all the things he bought me and threatened that he will make my life a living hell. I think his way of getting back to me was by going at the media.

"We went on overseas trips together. He always used to get me gifts."

Tabane's first high-profile appearance was posing with Malema at the wedding of businessman David Mabilu in Mauritius last October.

"I left him last year in June way before the Mauritius story broke. I went there as a single woman. I wanted to leave him because he was abusive, insecure and obsessed with me and that's after I found out he had another girlfriend whom he has a child with in Mahikeng.

"I broke up with George over a year ago. I have not seen him since.

"As for him being married that's news to me. I've been to his house, there was never a woman or kids there. To me that was a single man living alone in his house in Haartbeespoort, unless he is secretly married and I did not know," she says.

Tabane also denies her widely publicised affair with Malema: "I have a boyfriend that I love very much. I won't mention his name for privacy purposes. We love and respect each other."

Last December, two reports said Tabane introduced herself at events as Malema's girlfriend.

It-girl wannabe Tabane's varsity details untraceable

FAMOUSLY known as Julius Malema's girlfriend, Lizelle Tabane was in reality a mistress of North West businessman George Leshaba. Tabane was also reported to be a student at University of Pretoria, but she is not.

Records at the university show her to be attending a short informal course on project management that does not even require matric as condition of entry. This short course, the university revealed this week, does not result in a formal qualification. This is not a university academic project but rather a trust to do social outreach programmes.

"Ms Tabane has enrolled for a course in project management presented by Continuing Education at University of Pretoria Trust [CE at UP], which offers non-formal programmes or 'short learning programmes' which are not credit bearing on the NQF.

"These courses do not have the same admission requirements as formal programmes presented by the University of Pretoria as they do not lead to formal qualifications. CE at UP is situated in the Graduate Centre on the campus of the University of Pretoria," stated the university's spokesperson Sanku Tsunke.

This follows revelations that Tabane may not have a matric as the record of her matric certificate was not found. Sources informed Sunday World that Tabane has no matric.

But Tabane insisted that she is a student who will soon "graduate": "I'm a student at the graduate centre at the University of Pretoria studying project management.

"I don't know what you mean saying there's no record of me while I'm still completing my course. Of course, I have never worked because from high school I went to varsity. As for me not writing matric, that's just senseless as I wrote all my exams and passed. Maybe you can go to the department of education to ask for my senior certificate."

But the university says the short learning programme she is enrolled in did not require a matric certificate.

Lizelle lands in jail

BUSINESSMAN George Leshaba demanded that his mistress Lizelle Tabane return the car he bought her but she ran away with it.

In July last yer, he initially went to Mafikeng police station to open a case of car theft, which was later changed to "use of car without consent of owner" by the control prosecutor.

Tabane became a fugitive from the law for about three weeks before she was apprehended in Sandton in August last year and spent five days in police holding cells waiting for her court appearance. She appeared in court on August 6 last year and the case was remanded for a later date before Leshaba withdrew the case.

Tabane says that the cars had been in her name but the criminal case docket against Tabane does not show that the car was ever in her name.

North West police spokesperson Sam Tselenyane confirmed the existence of the criminal case that Sunday World had been shown by a police administrator at Mafikeng police station.

The case was withdrawn after the court appearance by Tabane which had been investigated by Constable Tselenyane.

"The case against Tabane was withdrawn by Leshaba after her court appearance. At that time it had been remanded but the complainant (Leshaba) withdrew it," said Tselenyane.

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