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Pregnancy last straw - Mshoza, hubby confirm split

2012-03-25 11:14:30.0 | NORMAN MASUNGWINI |

THREE closely guarded secrets, one potentially damaging to the character of controversial kwaito star Mshoza, are finally out.

TOO MUCH DRAMA: Mshoza and hubby Jacob Mnisi have confirmed they are to finally end their troubled marriage. Picture by Sibusiso Msibi

 Whoever says I was pregnant is talking rubbish. If they say I was pregnant, then what happened to the child? 

The first, an allegation that Mshoza, aborted a child she was impregnated by another man in an attempted suicide last December.

Mshoza, real name, Nomasonto Maswanganye-Msibi, is the wife of tycoon, Jacob Msibi,

However, she sharply dismissed the suicide allegation linked to the pregnancy as "utter rubbish".

"Whoever says I was pregnant is talking rubbish. If they say I was pregnant, then what happened to the child?" she asked.

The second secret is that her marriage has finally succumbed to all the drama and damaging publicity following it.

The muso has two kids with Mnisi says: "It is public knowledge that we now live our separate lives and we're about to divorce."

"I'm now free like a bird. I am single and available, we're finalising our divorce and it may happen as early as this month."

However, this declaration revealed yet another secret, according to Mnisi, that the two were never legally married, anyway.

"How do you divorce someone you didn't sign with," retorted Mnisi through his spokesperson Alex Mathimane.

"Mnisi only paid lobola and threw a big party. There are no records at home affairs of the marriage. It's just a customary marriage," says Mathimane.

Allegations and counter-allegations of extra marital affairs have rocked the marriage since they tied the knot in 2007.

When Sunday World contacted Mnisi about the loss of the unborn baby last week, he allegedly assaulted Mshoza at their house.

A family friend said that Mshoza allegedly tried to commit suicide to conceal the shame of carrying another man's baby.

But Mshoza says she has never slept with another man since Mnisi left her with the kids in December.

"My husband left me in bed thinking that I was dead on the day [reports] said I had tried to commit suicide.

"He knows the reason why I took an overdose. He is a brilliant person but he is just surrounded by bad company."

Mnisi says there were many things happening in his life, but quickly referred Sunday World to his spokesperson Mathimane.

Mathimane confirmed that Mnisi confronted Mshoza about the pregnancy last year.

"She admitted that she was pregnant by another man and apologised. He wanted her to keep the baby and make it look like his," Mathimane explained.

Sunday World understands that the alleged pregnancy was the final straw that broke the camel's back, resulting in Mnisi not returning to their R3m matrimonial mansion.

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