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Soap star's own soapie - Isidingo actor in abortion scandal

Mar 18, 2012 | Reports by BONGANI MDAKANE |

ISIDINGO's lead actor Meshack Mavuso is caught in the middle of a love triangle and allegations of having encouraged his mistress to abort their unborn child.

Meshack Mavuso
LIFE IMITATES ART: Meshack Mavuso and his wife Neo. The actor is starring in his own personal drama. Picture taken from

 Naledi didn't choose to be pregnant, Meshack [should] have acted responsibly when he had sex with her 

Mavuso is best known for his role as Vusi Moletsane on the SABC3 soapie and was one of the celebrity dancers in the Strictly Come Dancing New Year Special, on SABC2 in 2008.

Mavuso, who is married to Neo, allegedly impregnated a woman last year.

Today Sunday World can reveal that the former Yizo Yizo actor exchanged bodily fluids with Naledi Gcwabe (26), last year without using protection - and the woman conceived his child.

However, a friend of Meshack and Naledi says the actor did not want to be responsible for the sprog, and he ordered her to abort.

"Meshack met Naledi in July last year while he was attending a music festival in Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal. They had been together for eight months, and in September Naledi fell pregnant with his child.

"Meshack was so scared that his wife was going to find out about his cheating ways so he gave Naledi R1500 to terminate the pregnancy," says one of their friends.

Another insider says Neo found out about the affair and started sending Naledi messages on her cellphone, e-mail and Facebook mailbox.

Sunday World was told thatl that Meshack also called Naledi several times on her cellphone, but she would not answer his calls due to the humiliation she had suffered from Neo's insults.

"At some stage unknown people would phone Naledi and call her a slut and a marriage-wrecker. Due to this, Naledi was hospitalised in October and also two weeks ago because of stress," says an insider.

"Naledi didn't choose to be pregnant, Meshack [should] have acted responsibly when he had sex with her," says a friend.

Sunday World called Meshack on his two cellphones, and also sent text messages but he never bothered to get back to us.

A litany of messages of threats and swearing

IN A text message sent by Meshack to Naledi, he says: "Those girls who are calling u are the wife's of all the man you f***ing."

Naledi responded in anger: "Your sick, your the psycho...what men??? You're so shallow. Now coz I'm standing for myself, I'm a bitch, I'm sleeping with other men? Well sorry to burst your bubble."

Neo retaliated: "Woman I have never inboxed you. You are the one that keeps sending me messages and blocking me so I can't trace you. So stop talking crap. Why wud I call you?

I don't know who the hell you are and tell ur friends to stop harassing me cos I'm happy and don't want to know. If you have or have not been fucking my husband should b my business but you know what right now I don't care. Sacrificed your foetus that was ur call. May God have mercy on you. I hope this is were it ends. Stop sending me msgs and claiming that I'm sending you messages you psycho."

In an e-mail sent by Naledi to Neo on February 5, she said: "Seemingly you've been well informed n updated according to ur inboxes 2 me. I stil dnt get y u inbox me n den deactivate bt stl leave me wif ol ur details afta u curse n degrade me lyk u do. Afta dis e-mail I pray u wil liv me alone n I wil delete every lil thng frm u n act as if dis neva happened.1st of ol my pregnancy has jack shit 2 do wif u, yeah ur hubby impregnated me (on da wikend he went 4 da Ndamase wedding n Malusi Gigaba's party in Ballito), I terminated 4 my own rizons n dez more 2 it dan jst da pregnancy, trust me u dnt wanna knw. So culd u kindly liv me da heck alone now. If u want more lemme knw cz I'd b more dan hepi 2 dish up 4 u cz ur opening a can of worms I'm sure u can't handle. lyk I said dez more 2 it dan mits da eye. I neva wntd it 2 reach dis point bt uv pushed me woman, cum 2 thnk I sacrificed wif my own child cz I neva wntd u 2 knw n nw u do n dis is da pryc I hev 2 pay. Quit calling me wyl u at it plz!"

Three days later Neo sent her messages: "Girls like you make me sick, may you burn in hell for eternity. I've been with my husband 17 years and you're nothing to change that, you're a shell garage to him that's all. Bitch if you're still with my husband I swear i'm going to do something you will regret. This is a warning, I don't want to make promises. Leave my husband alone."

On February 15, Neo took to Facebook: "It has dawn on me that the only reason you are with my husband is due to his celebrity status otherwise he wouldn't be your ideal man. Acting so cheap and low because you love class. What happened to love on its own. Girls like you are sorry excuses for women."


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    Mar 18, 2012


    Women will never learn. There are a few men who will forceyou to have a relationship with you if you don't wan.Another thing these girls are more interested in having relationships with well-known people(so called celebrities) rather than focusing on their careers and developing themselves(judging by the language she uses).Girls wake up and stop blaming men, she got into this whole thing knowing Meshack is married. And sleeping with men without condoms!!Women material things will get you nowhere you'll only attract the wrong people who will use you and dump you. Learn to say no.
    Mar 19, 2012


    Good people due to a high demand, a special page has been created on Facebook for you convinience and also to enable everybody to express their views considering that we have to respect the Sowetan's terms and coditions of usage.

    Facebook: Macansi Zulu
    Twitter: @macansi

    On this page you are all welcomed to express yourselves in whatever way you wish as long as we are considerate and try to keep our views or conversation as constructive as possible.

    Sep 3, 2012


    thats true girls please learn the lesson from other people who did same mistake wake up
    Mar 19, 2012



    Big up sista, you are one of the scarce characters in our today's society. If I may put it straight. it has become a norm in our society that married men have extra marital affairs with young mistresses, who are aware of their status (single/married).

    These are the same behaviors which make me to sound abnormal or funny or crazy so to say, since I am speaking the truth.

    I fully support @THEOZA and I would like to personally encouraged SA MEN to stop victimizing our young sisters.

    Where are we expecting our sons to get wives as we are busy terrorizing their future.

    Mar 19, 2012


    Well , Naledi Knew that Meshack is Married and why would she be so selfish to agree to sleep with him without using woman we must protect each other since we cannot keep our hands off other woman's man. Stop playing victim here and show some respect to Neo.

    ""Meshack - Its time you stop your febering bro - you've got so much to loose and respect your marriage please..fight the temptation for the sake of your Family and Bright Future. You made a choice to marry Neo be a husband, your not getting young

    "" Neo- Well I cant ask you to divorce your man but all I can say to you is go test and condomise and know a Leopard never changes its spot but in this case as a human he has the opportunity to change..Stop arguing with Naledi - she should have known better.Askied my dear Shit like this happens man cant stay Faithfull but as woman we can protect each other.
    Apr 23, 2012


    you sure can tell it like it is i just hope that neo get 2 read it nig up!!
    Mar 19, 2012


    I think you need to re read the story, they say, she had the abortion, and the wife and Meshack are still following her around... She's also not denying that she had an affair with him. Maybe she needs to reveal her reasons for agreeing to the abortion so that you can be happy

    Mar 19, 2012


    Thabi, I am with you on this, the ladies shouldn't be fighting. The player has played them and they are now busy fighting and publicly embarrassing themselves while the player seems not to care, he's just relaxing and he is still getting it and the wife is claiming to be still on her side and blaming the mistress she doesn't even know while the player is still comfortable as if nothing has happened.

    The wife, is denying what happened and somehow feel its easy to fight the mistress rather than having Meshack to account
    Mar 19, 2012


    @ Thabi - Well said my Dear
    Apr 10, 2012


    disagree. woman should protect each other. naledi agreed to be with a married man and she has to dance to such music. as for cheating man they are allowed by us woman, so it was no team effort when she agreed to be with another womans man so no team effort required.

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