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Fassie's ex spits pure venom

2012-02-19 09:57:59.0 | BONGANI MDAKANE |

Bongani Fassie's ex-lover Khanya Sithebe is hopping mad after she was dumped by the hip-hop muso.

 Bongani's down and out. He depends on friends for a place to sleep. Last year he didn't even have a car 

Wanna-be celeb Sithebe, from Durban, could not deal with rejection by the son of the late Brenda Fassie, and in her rage is revealing all about Fassie's private life.

Sithebe (21) claims the rapper is living like a street kid. She claims she did Fassie a big favour when they fell in love last December.

"Bongani's down and out. He depends on friends for a place to sleep. Last year he didn't even have a car. He is now squatting with his new girlfriend, Buhle Sangweni, at the house of one of his friends from Angola, Jay," she says.

Sithebe and Sangweni are at each other's throats, fighting for a piece of Fassie.

"Buhle's obsessed with Bongani.

"Buhle's a skhotheni [vagrant] who has no life . because Fassie had just got his Hummer back, he thinks he has arrived," she says.

Sithebe also said of Lagosh, Fassie's rapper friend: "They use women and dump them. Lagosh is a snake."

Lagosh says: "I am not going to involve myself in Khanya's madness anymore."

Sangweni fumed: "Khanya never dated Bongani. She sent text messages saying she wanted to be Bongani's girlfriend. She was dumped by her boyfriend because of being a drunkard."

Angolan Jay says about Sithebe: "Khanya is lying. Bongani and Buhle were only staying over at my house on weekends because he is my friend. That woman is crazy."


"She's talking s**t. I'm not staying at Jay's house. I visit him as a friend. That promo girl wants to be famous and she wants to ride on my fame to achieve that.

"I won't entertain her bulls**t. I met her on New Year's Eve and Nonhle (Thema) kicked her out of her house because she was making a move on me.

"She must f**k off. I'm happy with my girl right now."

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