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'Waaaah!' Mnisi left me high and dry

2012-02-12 10:03:19.0 | BONGANI MDAKANE |

Nomasonto "Mshoza" Mnisi this week bared all to Sunday World about her agony after being left high and dry by her estranged hubby Jacob Mnisi.

CRYING FOUL: Mashoza. Picture taken from
FED UP: Hubby Jacob Mnisi

 My friends are taking care of us by buying us food, as Jacob isn't playing his role as a father 

Mshoza, who recently bleached herself so as to have a lighter complexion, claims the Mpumalanga businessman left their love nest in the affluent suburb of Reyno Ridge in Witbank on the December 31.

She says he took both cars and went "to be with his girlfriends".

"As you can see, I'm stuck in the house with no life. Jacob is now staying on the plot and he is not supporting his family," she wails.

"I asked him to buy us bread on Sunday, but it was only delivered today (Wednesday), three days later.

"What do you call that? Is that how we should live?" she asks.

Mshoza says she can't even take their two kids to creche as she has no transport to take them there.

"Family isn't important to him and he is busy with girls out there.

"He is dating a woman called Sibongile Mthethwa, for whom he's rented a townhouse in Witbank.

"Sibongile is pregnant with his child. The same woman used to date Jacob's friend and he took her from that guy," she says.

Asked for comment, Mthethwa says: "I'm not pregnant and I think you should call Jacob."

Sunday World spoke to Mnisi's business associate, who used to date Mthethwa. He asked to remain anonymous but confirmed he'd had a relationship with the woman.

"Jacob took Sibongile from me. You know, sometimes when you've had too much to drink your friend offers to take your girl home - but there could be motives behind that.

"I'm no longer seeing eye to eye with him after he took my girl," says his business associate.

Mshoza alleges that: "His girlfriend and her friends are harassing me. They call me and insult me. My husband also abuses me - physically and emotionally.

"He assaulted me three weeks ago as he demanded to know who took me to Durban.

"Whenever he comes here he accuses me of cheating on him," she says in tears. "But it's useless to open a case against him as he's seen as a demi-god in Witbank.

"My friends are taking care of us by buying us food, as Jacob isn't playing his role as a father.

"I don't have money as he always manages our finances. He is trying to prove that I'm nothing without him.

"He used me for his own benefit. When I met him he had R2m, but since I came into his life, he managed to clinch bigger deals because of my celebrity status - and he treats me as nothing."

Mshoza says she found out about Mthethwa last year when Mnisi was taking a shower.

"His phone rang and I answered. This woman said: 'Baby I'm waiting for you.'

"I asked her who she was. That's when Jacob told me he wanted a second wife and I told him that would never happen. After that he started turning me into his punching bag," she says.

Sunday World called Mnisi on Friday but he referred us to his spokesperson, Alex Mathimane.

"I can confirm that Jacob left Mshoza and the kids at the house, but this happened before December 16. When he left, Mshoza had gone to Joburg in Jacob's car.

"She said she was going to see the skin doctor. Later she went to a party in Soweto," Mathimane says.

"Jacob was already fed up with her behaviour and when he left the house he wanted to understand if Mshoza wanted to be his wife or girlfriend.

"Mshoza also cheated on him and Jacob realised his wife was embarrassing him.

"He took Mshoza's car and told her if she wanted to get around his drivers would take her wherever she wanted to go.

"Jacob decided not to give Mshoza money anymore as she'd invite her friends over for booze. He buys groceries every month and he's not dating any Sibongile woman.

"There was a woman last year called Sibongile who claimed to be dating Jacob and there's nothing like that.

"Mshoza is disrespecting her husband," he says.

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