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It's a bust - Sisa sends Uyanda packing

2012-02-12 09:48:08.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

MZANSI'S popular fashion icon and Diamond Face Couture designer Uyanda Mbuli is heading for a bitter separation from her husband of 10 years, Sisa Mbuli.

KAPUT: Sisa and Uyanda Mbuli. Picture by Kevin Sutherland
'HENPECKER': Uyanda Mbuli. Picture taken from

 Sisa complained that this was affecting their son as she wasn't giving him the motherly care other children are getting 

They had also intended to go their separate ways years ago, but managed to rekindle their love.

But our sources insist that this time it's a slam dunk because their relationship has now broken down irreparably.

"It's over between Uyanda and her man. The two have gone their separate ways for good," says Uyanda's close friend who spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

The pal says last month Sisa bundled Uyanda out of their matrimonial pad in the ritzy suburb of Kyalami in Jozi.

And he wants to confiscate the luxury Porsche he bought her when everything was still hunky-dory.

We can also reveal that the one-time "It" couple is heading for a legal battle over alimony, as well as an acrimonious tussle over the custody of their son, whom Uyanda paraded in a weekly magazine last month.

Our deep throat believes this was a desperate move by the self-proclaimed shrinking violet to keep the media out of the loop about their separation.

It is also alleged that Sisa has opened a case of kidnapping against Uyanda for taking their child with her without his consent.

The friend says Sisa is in turn facing charges of violating a protection order that Uyanda got against him.

Sunday World was unable to independently verify these allegations.

The friend, who is privy to Uyanda's private life, says Sisa is gatvol with Uyanda because she was henpecking him and neglecting her conjugal duties.

The buddy also alleges that Sisa was vexed by Uyanda's penchant for hopping from one party to another with "a bunch of gay drifters and freeloaders".

"Sisa complained that this was affecting their son as she wasn't giving him the motherly care other children are getting," says the friend.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when Uyanda went to Durban in December and partied up a storm at a shindig organised by an unknown impresario while Sisa and their son were holidaying in Egypt.

"This drove him crazy, he couldn't take it" says our mole.

The friend says Sisa also bemoaned the fact that Uyanda did not tell him about an incident in which a kid drowned in the swimming pool of one of her celebrity friends' houses.

He also reprimanded her for insulting, without provocation, other celebrities on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Sisa was embarrassed because her tiff with these celebs, Bonang Matheba included, made him a target of gossip among his business associates.

"He now wants his car back but she is refusing to give it to him, saying it was bought in her name," says the friend.

The telltale also says Uyanda claims Sisa was a Frankestein monster who abused her for no apparent reason.

"She claims he started abusing her in 2004 and that it became worse a few months before they went their separate ways.

"But Sisa doesn't strike me as that kind of a person," says the friend.

Sisa confirms that the ligature that's been holding them together has snapped.

In a statement sent to Sunday World via e-mail, Sisa writes: "Dear Sir

1. I wish to advise as follows:

1.1. In December 2008 Ms Uyanda Mbuli widely communicated, through several public mediums, including Sunday World, her intent to institute divorce proceedings.

1.2. In November 2011 we entered into an agreement to conclude same.

Yours sincerely."

Uyanda's publicist says:

Mbuli's publicist Simphiwe Majola says: "This is a court matter which I'm not at liberty to comment on and would appreciate it if you could respect the couple's privacy during this trying time as there is an innocent minor involved."

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