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Baby Jake ko'd

2012-02-12 10:28:05.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

FORMER boxing hero Jacob "Baby Jake" Matlala and his wife Mapule's bid to keep the wolf from their matrimonial door has been TKOed.

HOPES DASHED: Baby Jake Matlala and his wife Mapule's DVD deal has not worked out. Picture by Clement Lekanyane

 She went to CCP Records and asked them to distribute and market it, but they also rejected it 

This comes after Universal Music/EMI allegedly shelved the distribution of their DVD/CD combo, released by the couple last year in a desperate attempt to extricate themselves from poverty.

The couple signed the licensing agreement with the record company to market and distribute the combo. The DVD comprises Matlala's best fights while the album titled Mampudu contains jazz/gospel songs by Mapule.

Speaking to Sunday World, Mapule confirms that she and her husband released the combo in a bid to put food on the table.

Mapule says she and her husband sent the album and DVD to Universal for marketing and distribution last year but were disappointed to learn that it had not been distributed.

"Sadly they did not distribute it. We depended on the sales of the album and DVD for our survival," says Mapule.

Matlala fell ill with double pneumonia last year and was hospitalised at a Gauteng private hospital.

That the family was in Chapter 11 became known when the internationally renowned boxer didn't have medical aid or sufficient funds to cover his medical bills.

Matlala, who has since been discharged from hospital, is now convalescing at his Winchester Hills home under the care of his wife.

Golden Gloves boxing promoter Rodney Berman arranged a boxing showpiece "The Night of the Little Big Man" at which he raised funds for the struggling boxer.

But it seems the money was not enough to cover the family's bills and the couple decided to compile the DVD and a 10-track album.

It seems that Universal didn't want to invest money in the combo because of its tawdry and pedestrian production.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a musician signed to Universal says the company's mandarins expressed their unhappiness with the wonky content and were reluctant to invest in it.

"She went to CCP Records and asked them to distribute and market it, but they also rejected it," he says.

Mapule confirms she tried to clinch a distribution and marketing deal with CCP Records but they rejected the production.

"They said they have too many artists.

"But I'm looking for a job at the moment.

"I'm happy that I've released this album.

"It celebrates the life of my husband," she says.

Universal spokesperson Thabiso Pheko declined to comment and referred us to their executive director, Lindelani Mkhize.

Mkhize had not returned our calls or responded to messages at the time of going to press.

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