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Gay abandon - Actually there was fear and protest

2012-01-22 10:51:37.0 | MDUDUZI DLAMINI |

ACTOR Zolisa Xaluva, popularly known as the bisexual Jayson Malinga in Generations, has revealed he was initially nervous about playing a homosexual in the most watched drama series on South African TV.

 There has been acceptance that homosexuality is a reality and there are things one can't change and must accept 

"At first we were quite scared of the Jayson character. We were fearful of the public's response, thinking there might be a backlash against the telly show.

"It was quite a bold step to introduce a gay relationship on Generations, a prime-time soapie that is the most watched," says Xaluva, who has matured from a hesitant, clumsy actor to a performer oozing the confidence and charm only a seasoned artist can muster. "And yes, there was initial hostility to Jayson and Senzo's gay relationship," Xaluva says.

Indeed, opposition there was. A day after the infamous Jayson-Senzo kiss a Facebook group calling itself "We'll stop watching Generations if Jayson and Senzo continue kissing" was founded.

It grew to over 20000 members in just three days - definitely one of the fastest growing groups Facebook South Africa has ever recorded.

"But it has died down now. There has been acceptance that homosexuality is a reality and there are things one can't change and must accept," the controversial TV star says.

He's right. Today the Facebook group has only 220 dormant members - an indication of the measure of acceptance of at least male homosexuality by Generations viewers?

Xaluva seems to think so.

"It (the public's response) actually mirrors the character of Sibusiso Dlomo. You'll remember that Sibusiso was quite opposed to our gay relationship at first.

"But I quite like the way he has moved from initial hostility to acceptance - to the extent that he always threatens me, saying if I break Senzo's heart he'll sort me out. People need to learn acceptance," he says.

But the reality is that the kissing has stopped between Jayson and Senzo, their love affair has turned sour - and break Senzo's heart Jayson will, what with his cavorting with the salaciously sassy Noluntu Memela, played by Zenanda Mfenyana.

"Senzo is no longer interactive in the relationship. He takes it for granted I'll always be there for him.

"I'm attracted to Noluntu because she is a free spirit, wild and crazy," Xaluva says. So Senzo will see Jayson dumping him if he doesn't work hard to rekindle their contentious love.


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