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UnGodly Joyous sexcapades

2011-12-11 10:09:30.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI |

JOYOUS Celebration's boss Lindelani Mkhize pulled a house nigger-type stunt when he fired Thulani Mncube for shaming his boss - the ensemble's architect Jabu Hlongwane.

UNTOUCHABLE: Jabu Hlongwane's news of an alleged affair with Mncube's wife Kuki culminated in Mncube being fired from Joyous Celebration by Lindelani Mkhize
IN HAPPIER TIMES: Thulani Mncube and his estranged wife Kuki

 These guys think they are the law unto themselves 

Mkhize dismissed Mncube on Saturday after accusing him of leaking the story we published last week about Hlongwane's extra-marital affair with (Mncube's) estranged wife Kuki.

This he did despite us mentioning that our source was a band member close to Kuki, not Mncube as they suspected.

According to our fink, Mncube received a call from a concerned member of the hybrid who told him that Hlongwane held a meeting with them on Friday and told them about the story we were crafting.

"The meeting was held in the absence of Mncube, who was in Cape Town. Jabu told us that Thulani approached the papers and told journalists that he was sleeping with his wife," said the band member.

"Jabu knew that Thulani did not approach you, his sin was to confirm the story to you. Jabu also told us that he was sleeping with Thulani 's wife as claimed."

The band member said that Mkhize, whom the band member said was "as mean as a snake", phoned Mncube on Saturday and told him that he was dismissed.

"I was there when he phoned Thulani. Mkhize did this to protect Jabu. These guys think they are the law unto themselves. How do you dismiss an employee without a hearing? Sies. We hope more dirt will come out about them," says the band member.

Mncube confirmed that he was pink-slipped on Saturday night.

"I can confirm that on Saturday Mkhize fired me on the phone. His reasons were that I'm working against Joyous and damaging the brand's name," he said.

"They suspect that I volunteered the information to you and all I did was to confirm that I was divorcing my wife because she had an extra-marital affair with Jabu. I think the brand will be safe if they keep their zips closed.

"Mkhize also accused me of seeking sponsorship from their sponsor MTN. I'm seeking legal advice and I will be able to speak out after getting permission to do so from my lawyer."

Mkhize ignored our calls and the SMSes we sent to his phone.

Other pastors gone bad

PASTOR Jabu Hlongwane of Cross Ministries Church in Sandton, north of Jozi, was not the only Bible-puncher embroiled in a sex scandal.

Controversial man of the cloth prophet Paseka 'Mboro' Motsoeneng, of the Incredible Happenings church, allegedly had an extra-marital affair with his former personal assistant Olipha Ncube behind his ex-wife Mokgadi's back.

The startling tidbits were revealed by Olipha after discovering that Mboro was making a move on another woman.

Their drama became the subject of police investigations after Mboro opened a case of crimen injuria and intimidation against Olipha.

He alleged that she sent him threatening and denigrating SMSes.

Olipha opened a case of intimidation against him, claiming that Mboro and his entourage threatened her and tried to attack her after the pair's appearance at Alberton Magistrate's Court, east of Jozi.

Another curate who was embroiled in romantic warfare was pastor Benjamin Dube. Dube, of High Praise Centre church in the East Rand, was allegedly assaulted by his estranged wife Mapila after a church service.

Mapila got incensed when Dube informed her that he was going to visit his ex-wife Phindi, who invited him to collect the scones she had baked for him.

Apparently Mapila suspected that Dube was still having a bit on the side with Phindi behind her back. In a fit of rage, she cuffed him on the face.

Pastor Abraham Sibiya of Abraham Sibiya Ministries, was the first well-known holy man to jump on the bandwagon of those who broke the seventh commandment.

He was allegedly caught by his wife cheating with another congregant to satisfy his irrepressible libido. Sibiya's wife discovered this after his roll-on bought him undies.

She suspected that something was amiss when this sultana bought him briefs, and she started investigating. After uncovering the truth, she divorced him.

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