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He's a sick man-Selebi's sangoma speaks

2011-12-04 10:28:51.0 | ANDILE APRIL |

"He was a stressed man though he was trying to act strong every time he came for consultation," disgraced former police commissioner Jackie Selebi's sangoma Nkosinathi Ntshingila told Sunday World yesterday during an exclusive interview.

JAIL NOT ON: Jackie Selebi's health will decline
TRYING TO HELP: Nkosinathi Ntshingila first threw the bones for Jackie Selebi in 2007. Picture by Antonio Muchave

 In 2008 I suggested that he consult a medical doctor since he was having problems with breathing 

He said the former top cop had been ill since 2007.

Ntshingila, who is known as Zinyo Lebhubesi (Lion's Tooth) last consulted the former Interpol president in October.

He says he wasn't surprised when Selebi collapsed at his Pretoria home on Friday after he learnt that he must serve his 15-year jail term for corruption.

Selebi had appealed a High Court ruling to serve 15 years in jail for corruption, but on Friday an Appeals Court judge Kenneth Mthiyane confirmed that he must serve time.

The 34-year-old sangoma claims Selebi complained of headaches and painful ears, and that he was always sleepy and yet struggling to sleep.

He says the first time he met Selebi, he was with a friend in 2007 who wanted him to pray for him.

His friend recommended that Selebi consult Ntshingila because "he was a strong sangoma".

After he threw his bones to foresee Selebi's future, he gave Selebi muthi to cleanse himself.

Selebi has consulted Ntshingila ever since, even during his trial at the South Gauteng High Court.

Ntshingila doesn't mention how much he charged Selebi for each consultation.

"In 2008 I suggested that he consult a medical doctor since he was having problems with breathing.

"After about six visits Selebi's health deteriorated.

"Selebi's wife also mentioned to me that he was struggling to sleep at night.

"In October when he came to visit me again, I asked if he had gone to a medical doctor.

"He told me doctors were not able to help," says Ntshingila.

He says though Selebi must serve time for his corruption case, going to jail won't help him.

He says: "If he goes to jail his (health) situation will become even worse."

Ntshingila, who learnt his trade in KwaMhlab' Uyalingana in far Northern KwaZulu-Natal, has reiterated that Selebi should be kept out of jail because he has been suffering ill-health since 2007.

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