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Charma of the week: Lesego Motsepe

Dec 4, 2011 | Shwashwi |

BEST known for her role as Lettie Matabane in Isidingo, actress, singer and poet Lesego Motsepe chose World Aids Day to reveal her HIV-positive status.

It took her 13 years to become confident enough to do so. Lesego is also involved in NGO Afrikarize, which creates conversations on HIV-Aids and tackles socio-economic problems facing the youth.

Live life to the fullest, charmer!


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    Dec 20, 2011


    Imanzi i agree with you ...


    Are you normal?
    Dont you think it's none of your business how many men she slept with? you are the one o tjatjaragg.
    go get tested and you might need councelling from people like Lesego.
    u really need to grow up.
    Dec 20, 2011


    Go get tested, you tjatjarag


    Jys baie tjatjaragg jou hout kop. Wa tseba wena ka status sagago. You are a danger to society sonny boy. Who are you to judge others. This are great ambassodors of this world and wena you just keep sleeping aroung not knowing your status you tjatjaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag
    Dec 20, 2011


    Magicman you are indeed crazy. ignorant and the biggest Idiot by so far.
    Jan 3, 2012


    Magicman is 10000000000% correct. Do not ignore the facts. Face reality. AIDS/HIV kills. Do not be biased because she is a so-called "celebrity".


    Silly comment!!! Knowledge is power and prejudice is a downfall for a lot of people. You dont get HIV by sleeping around only. You can be faithful as ever and have a cheating partner infect you so how do you explain that to a teenager? So silly!!!
    Dec 20, 2011


    I agree...

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