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A serial blackmailer - Fikile’s hit-and-run struck before

2011-11-06 14:38:04.0 | NGWAKO MALATJI - |

MINISTER of Sport and Recreation Fikile Mbalula's ex-'goalpost' Joyce Molamu allegedly also seduced North-West ANC provincial secretary Kabelo Mataboge and concocted a rape story to blackmail him into submitting to her.

Molamu, who is fondly known as "Permy", apparently "hostessed" Mataboge in Sun City and later threatened to have him arrested for rape if he didn't "find a solution" for what he did.

It is not clear what "find a solution" means.

Sunday World has seen some of the text messages she sent to Mataboge, which read:

"Oh... I can see you've chosen to ignore me, you behave like the Facebook rapist, you lured me to Sun City pretending I'm going to present an award at the event.

"You gloated on Facebook about how you & Min Fiks are buddies, none of that has happened instead you sexually abused me & I have witnesses to proof (sic) it!!"

When Matoboge failed to respond, she sent him a threatening SMS: "I had thought you are different from all krooks (sic) I've met in my life.

"Waited patiently for you to respond to my SMSes or call or have the descency (sic) to come & see me to find a solution to this issue I guess I was wrong you are damn arrogant.

"You even discuss me with your friends, either we talk about this or law & order takes charge!"

Mataboge's silence drove her bananas and she threatened to have him arrested for rape: "Hi, Kabelo I'm at the Morningside Police Station.

"I've concluded to open up (sic) a case against you for rape."

Sunday World was unable to establish if Molamu indeed opened a case against Mataboge.

Asked for comment, Molamu said: "Please speak to my lawyer."

She asked us to phone her later so she could give us his contact details - but she ignored our calls when we tried to phone her again.

Molamu hogged newspaper headlines last week when she claimed she was preggers with Mbalula's child.

Mbalula hit back at her, accusing her of concocting the pregnancy story to extort money from him.

After their sexual encounter Molamu demanded R40000 from Mbalula to terminate the pregnancy but he showed her the bird.

Mbalula has since apologised to the ANC, his family and the South African public for his misdemeanour.

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