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'We had unprotected sex' - Letter

2011-10-30 14:54:25.0 | Sunday World |

"I met a certain minister who promised to help me with business.."

INCENSED: Fikile Mbalula’s wife Nozuko is said to have called Molamu names over the phone.

ON 16 October,  Joyce  Molamu sent an SMS to our sister publication Sunday Times senior investigative journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika asking for advice on how to handle her problems with Fikile Mbalula.

This is what she wrote, and it’s unedited:

“I don’t know how to start with this but I strongly feel that it needs to be done to protect our society. And I need your advice as I do not want my name to be publicized.

“Certain government officials, promise young girls business in return 4 sexual favours,they pick up girls from night clubs, have sex with them & most of them do not use condoms...

“I met a certain minister who promised to help me with business, we had a few drinks, then later on went to my place. We had unprotected sex as he kept on telling me how much he loved me & wld luv to hv a child with me. My house mates arrived, whn he walked out of my bedroom we had an audience.

“A few weeks later I missed my periods. I called ths minister, only to find out to my shock that he didn’t evn remember my name anymore. Wich means he could be used to sleeping around with girls without protection & forget about them.

“I told him I was pregnant & I have sms records of all our conversations. He acknowledged having unprotected sex with me & offered to pay for the abortion procedure.

“I later on received calls & sms’s from his wife calling me names, calling me a slut spreading aids. Later on I received calls from his best frnd (another politician) demanding to take me to the clinic to have an abortion. I refused & I hv been receiving calls from someone claiming to be calling from City Press saying I shld sell them my story.

“And it is popular knowledge that ths particular minister has also made another model pregnant. In 1 of my anger sms’s to him I did indicate that I wld go to the papers to expose him.

“I’m @ a point where I fear for my life as I hv decided to keep our child. I know I was wrong to sleep with a married man & i know how the media can destroy one’s life.

“I just need your expert advice on the following: should I decide to have the story published what wld be the legal battles I might face 4rm the minister, is it possible to warn other women of these men without my identity being revealed? I do not want other girls to fall in the same trap as I have.”

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