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Dramatic SMS's

2011-10-30 14:52:14.0 | Sunday World |

Sunday World has copies of SMS exchanges from  Joyce  Matshidiso Molamu to Fikile Mbalula.

In one message she says: “Fikile, I don’t want this to get out of hand. We spoke on Monday, now ur swearing @ me, saying all sorts of things. I really don’t wanna fight with u.

“Can I have your private email address? There’s something I need to send you. Business related.

“I don’t appreciate the way u speak to me. Why would I lie about being pregnant?”

Apparently Mbalula then threatened to open a case of extortion against Molamu after she demanded R40,000 from him.

“I’ll wait 4 u to open your case, give u my medical report & I won’t terminate this pregnancy.”

Molamu threatened to take Mbalula to court for maintenance. She wrote: “Your R10k is still in my account. I’ll give it back to u. U & I will just meet @ maintenance court after 9 months.

“I’ll gladly give u a DNA test & I will still keep it to myself & u didn’t give me R40k u deposited R10!

“Getting out of your life withpleasure, giving u back yourR10k with pleasure. But I'm keeping my child. I’ll survive! Idon’t wanna speak to u anymore”.

It seems Mbalula told Molamu that she forced herself on him and that she is unwell.

“So I forced myself on you & I have aids? Wow, have a good day.”

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