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Suitors 'want a taste of the Skolopad brand'

2017-04-18 09:24:27.0 | Limakatso Khalianyane |

Major recording companies and a liquor brand have allegedly been hounding aspiring musician and deejay Skolopad, hoping to sign her.

Picture credit: Veli Nhlapo.

According to her manager Tebogo Mofokeng, they have been in and out of Joburg meeting prominent companies who have shown an interest in working with her.

Mofokeng said they have not signed any agreement with anyone yet.

"They are all offering what we cannot accept, they think we are stupid. They all want to have a 360 deal," he said. He said a 360 deal would mean that the record company owns all artistic work.

"Even if she wins something, it will belong to the label. It will be something similar to what recently happened to Mroza.

"We will only sign with a company that agrees to 50/50 where all the parties will be happy," he said.

He refused to disclose the names of the companies they have turned down because "they have money and they can use it to make our lives difficult in the industry".

He told Sunday World that Skolopad had the potential to become a big brand and they were patiently woking on that.

"Although we are in desperate need of financial support we will not succumb to pressure and agree to something we will regret later.

"We travel a lot and sometimes we don't have petrol money because we rely on Skolopad's R7000 nursing salary for everything," he said.

But Mofokeng said there might be light at the end of the tunnel as they were close to a deal with a liquor brand.

"If negotiations go according to plan, Skolopad will be the face of the beverage even though she does not consume alcohol."

Skolopad is currently signed with Pelefela Entertainment, a company that she co-owns.

Mofokeng said there was also a disturbing trend in which promoters take advantage of the Skolopad brand by using it to lure people to events they know nothing about. "This has been happening a lot since she burst onto the national scene after her yellow dress moment at the Metro FM awards."

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