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Fumani Shilubana attracts and does cop roles well

2017-03-16 12:17:49.0 | Mduduzi Nonyane |

Actor Fumani Shilubana plays police roles so often he may as well be one.

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He has proven yet again that there is no one who does it better than he does.

Best known for his role as detective Dabula on SABC 3 soapie Isidingo, the Limpopo-born star appears as a prison warder in the movie Kalushi.

"This was different from all the cop roles I have played, this has meaning. It is the first time that a role made me feel like I am helping to shape the future," he said.

He plays Lucas Mahlangu, Solomon's older brother who always discourages him from active politics.

The turning point for Lucas, comes when he gives up his job to support Solomon during the trial.

At some stage he wants to plot an escape after Solomon was sentenced to death.

"It is a story that our kids need to know, it represents our heritage."

The stern looking actor made a name for himself when he played a school teacher in in the drama Julius Caesar and Maru which showed in Pretoria State Theatre.

His career of over 15 years, includes roles as Detective Nataniel on SABC 2 drama series Hillside, and Detective Maswanganyi in Bone of My Bones also on SABC 2.

"I don't know why I attract police roles, but I am grateful to do what I love," he says.

He too praises director Mandla Dube.

"I respect him a lot. He was very creative with how the role evolved," he says.

He admits that he didn't research to play the character, he relied on his experience.

"I just had to immerse myself in the role, and feed on the energy of the amazing cast and story around me.

"When I put myself into Lucas's shoes, I realised that the challenges we face now as a country are nothing."

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