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Lebo M’s fiancée Zoe Mthiyane shows off giant engagement ring (Photos)

2015-12-29 16:07:39.0 | Sunday World |

Lebo M’s fiancée Zoe Mthiyane has taken to social media to show off her giant engagement ring.

Zoe is seen flaunting the shiny rock with a halo diamond-encrusted setting, while on a cruise with friends. 

The couple got engaged on Saturday while at sea on a family holiday in Cape Town.

The exquisite engagement band is said to be inspired by the song Circle of Life from The Lion King and the stage role formerly performed by Zoe Mthiyane‚ Sarabi‚ the partner of Mufasa‚ mother of Simba and the Queen of the Pride Lands.

Lebo and Zoe welcomed a healthy baby girl in July this year.

Read more about their engagement here

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