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Read the fine print

DEAR Edwin,

I've got a 2008 Mercedes-Benz C200k which I bought almost a year ago.

I want to know if I can extend the mechanical warranty because it is covered for only a year by the garage where I purchased the vehicle.

The cover expires in July. How can I get it covered after that? Can I get a warranty from an insurance firm?

Your response will be highly appreciated. - Mxolisi Yende


Dear Mxolisi,

Yes, you would be able to purchase warranties and services plans through companies such as Hollard and Motorite, among others.

I would advise that you read the fine print before taking up new cover. Ask questions, even ones that might seem silly because it could save you money.

As a motorist, I had a positive experience dealing with Hollard. Though this might have been an isolated incident, my dealings with the Sunninghill-based Motorite were extremely poor in respect of a warranty I had purchased.

They did not honour the claim, putting me some R4500 out of pocket on the basis that my vehicle had not been serviced within a specified period of purchasing the policy.

The vehicle itself had been serviced prior to the sale and was not due for its service until later. Despite producing proof of the service, they refused to pay and threatened legal action if I spoke publicly about the dud policy I had been sold by Audi Johannesburg.

I gave Motorite a good ticking off on the Ride and Drive Show on YFM. But my haggling proved futile as the company adopted an arrogant tone and they fobbed me off to the ombudsman for short-term insurance because I used some choice words at their inept customer service.

Motorite is one of the biggest firms in this business. As a customer I expected better from them.

Moral of the story: buy whatever warranty you think works but read the small print and safeguard yourself. Once monies are paid up front, some firms opt for little loopholes to dishonour claims.

So choose wisely when purchasing warranties and services plans. Check out the company's reputation for settling claims.

In my view, Hollard has a reputation for putting customer interests first. Put them to the test, call the Hollard Motor Xtender line on 0860-10-9099. For what it's worth, you should get a quote from Motorite on 0860-66-2211.

We hold no brief for Hollard or Motorite and promise to share positive and negative experiences of our readers without fear of legal threats. After all, it is the right of a customer to say whether he or she was happy with the service or if it was, as in my case with Motorite, really c**p.

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