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Intrigue, magic, heroism in Derring do tale

2012-12-10 10:15:31.0 | Boitumelo Tlhoaele |

Few things beat a lazy Monday afternoon slouching on a movie theatre seat and wearing 3D glasses while watching the latest kiddies animation film, in this instance Rise of the Guardians.

 Stars behind the scene Directed by Peter Ramsey] Screenplay by David Lindsay-Abaire Music by Alexandre Desplat Produced by Christina Steinberg Executive producers Guillermo del Toro, William Joyce, Michael Siegel 

The opening scene with its vibrant colour and almost to-touch snowflakes that jump out at you is the ultimate hook.

But the best part is seeing Sandy, the Sandman, glowing up the screen with his golden dust and whizzing past at overwhelming speed, leaving trails of patterns behind.

The film, which opened at cinemas on Friday, tells the story of childhood heroes who are also good friends: Sandy, North (Santa Claus, voice by Alec Baldwin,) Bunnymund (the Easter Bunny, voice by Hugh Jackman), Tooth (the Tooth Fairy, voice by Isla Fisher) and Jack Frost (voice by Chris Pine), are the main protagonists who are on a quest to save the children of the world from the evil Pitch (the Bogey Man).

Chosen by the Man in the Moon, Jack Frost leads his friends to destabilise Pitch's plans to generate fear, hopelessness, doubt and disbelief in trusted idols.

Pitch sabotages the little tooth fairies, who are well known for collecting teeth hidden beneath pillows in exchange for cash, but he is overcome in the end.

And so the battle between good and evil ensues throughout the film, with the four's superpowers being tested to the maximum.

Thankfully, in the cartoon world, battle scenes don't equal bloody noses and broken bones and bad spells can always be broken. The clichéd but important points made, as with most children's films, are about communicating the values of faith and belief in oneself and others.

It's hard to find fault with this feel-good, easy-to-watch story that is sure be a hit with both kids and adults these holidays.

Kudos to the award-winning director and the DreamWorks Animation team, whose previous blockbusters include Lord of the Rings, Bee Movie and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

This is the perfect movie to keep the kids occupied for almost 90 minutes. or Twitter @MsTumiT

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