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Much more than just brilliant

2012-11-26 08:39:29.0 | Somaya Stockenstroom |

THESE local boys from Durban are Breaking The Silence in the game of cool. They have coined their sound as alternate anthemic rock music - and the result is astronomical.

They've been compared to international stars Coldplay and certainly hold their own.

With only five songs released thus far, they have already had a huge impact on South African audiences with their song Breaking The Silence, receiving plenty of airplay on several music stations.

The song has also cracked it as one of 5fm's top 100 tunes.

"We call it anthem alternate rock. We aim for songs that translate really well on a big stage and that people will connect with and sing along to.

"We hope that when people see us they are entertained but mostly that they engage with the band and leave feeling different.

"Maybe it's a big ask and maybe we don't get it right every time, but music is such a powerful medium - it has the ability to alter a persons mood and outlook," says 29-year-old Bradley Ian Klynsmith, better known as Brad the guitarist and vocalist.

How did they adopt their name?

"The name is a weird one. We were sitting at a petrol station with a bunch of mates late one night for a quick snack and one of the girls was telling us she was a professional ballet dancer and just how cutthroat the ballet industry was.

"We started teasing her about how hardcore the ballet industry was and asked if they had gangs - the gangs of ballet. Hectic," says Klynsmith.

"Years later we needed a name and that's the one we chose."

Like their name, their music is catchy; the lyrics are alluring and the eclectic sounds leave you wanting more.

"We wanted bold and honest music that carries integrity. We've given it a lot of thought and practised really hard at it," says Klynsmith, who also wrote the lyrics, assisted by his brother Joshua Scott Klynsmith (Josh, 23).

The other band members are Jonathan Kyle Rich (Jono, 24), who plays the piano and synth, and Quintin Hardus de Beer (H, 25) on bass guitar.

One of their tracks, Hello Sweet World, has been adopted as the opening theme for US channel VH1's reality TV series Dr Drew's Rehab.

Other songs to look out for on the EP are This Love, Hurricane and Warm Skies. Brilliant is an understatement - they have what it takes to be bigger than any rock band ever as their unique sound transcends rock music.

They are now in the process of writing and recording their debut album, which will be released in the first quarter of the new year.

And judging by the five songs currently on offer, we certainly look forward to their complete work.

Groups they see themselves performing with include Van Coke Cartel, Zebra and Giraffe, Aking, Straatlig Kinders and Mango Groove.; or Twitter @StixStreams

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