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Hot property and so diva-trocious

2012-05-14 09:25:58.0 | Amanda Ngudle |

SOME celebs seem to be immune to the spoils that come with their status. Some, thanks to good management and a low-key life, keep a clean image.

 I think that's career suicide 

Then there are those who are such divas they leave their fans flabbergasted.

We spoke to a few men and women on the streets who've had their fair share of local celebs' diva moments. But then, knowing how people can get public and private wires crossed, it's possible they brought out the monsters in our otherwise fab celebrities.

Zakes Bantwini - though a relative newcomer, who surged onto the music industry with a burst of energy, is already seen as a diva.

"He apparently doesn't do ordinary people," says Matt Nkosi an events reviewer.

"I think that's career suicide."

Shwashwi says: "There can only be one Michael Jackson - and even he was known for his humility."

Katlego Danke shocked all and sundry when she released a stern warning to her fans to address her as Katlego and not as little Dini.

Though it's not clear whether she pulls such stunts all the time, those who saw the diva in action say it wasn't a pretty sight.

"I just flicked my weave, clicked my Manolos and walked away from that pathetic little scene," says (ex?) fan Kiki Mkwanazi.

We have it on high authority that the vivacious Pam Andrews is a wardrobe nut.

"Nothing usual is ever good enough for her. All her outfits have to be avante garde and micro short - pregnancy and all.

"And she throws tantrums as if the soapie would crumble without her," says a non-admirer who asked not to be named for fear of being at the receiving end of one of her outbursts.

Shwashwi says: "Didn't she launch a clothing label that proved a waste of money? She must calm down."

Sonia Sedibe. We were just as shocked to find her name on this list.

But one flight attendant reports that the ever smiling Sonia Winfrey is such a madam her maid has to hold her kids and luggage while her royal highness scrolls her phone.

"It's always such a disturbing sight I must say," says our source.

Shwashwi says: "I hope this is a joke because she does a good job keeping that alter ego a secret."

Dumisani Mbebe is well known for his arrogant ways.

It seems the beautiful one will never learn. After giving the producers of Generations hell during his stay at the soapie, Mbebe has not brought his nose down from the air.

He recently posted this message on Facebook - you be the judge: "Whenever I feel stressed, I propose (sic) a girl."

Savitha Mbuli. Those who've had a close shave with the woman's wrath say Naomi Fisher has nothing on this shrew.

"She spits venom. You drop a pin, she screeches.

"She cracks a whip.

"I'll never work for that woman ever again," says a former employee.

Shwashwi says: "Forget not the story of the fox and sour grapes - Zazise Communications was worth millions at some point and there was no room for idiocy in such an empire."

We knowSdumo Mtshali is yummy, but how do you not share such juicy material?

Well, he might be young but the guy has discarded and deleted everyone from his past.

"Now he looks at people like they are third-class citizens.

"He needs guidance," says a former friend.

Shwashwi asks: "Do people still burn bridges and piss into the wind in such hard times?"

PR guru Linda Moeketsi says people should not forget that celebrities are human too.

"They're not robots and can't be judged on one observation as that would be unfair," he says.

"Yes that might all come with the territory but, just like you, they aren't angelic or perfect."

The fact is, the public watches soapies and music videos almost daily from the comfort of their homes and develop some affinity with their idols.

"The reality is that these celebs have a private life that is very different from their TV characters. But the public expects them to be accessible and friendly outside their roles."

Balancing the PR stuff and the need to maintain their private space can sometimes be tricky for celebs. But they should still remember that they are ambassadors of their trade.

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