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SsangYong Musso

2012-04-29 15:48:54.0 | Ask Morgan |

Hi Morgan, I've bought a second-hand SsangYong Musso but I don't know where to take it to have it serviced - there is no service book in the car. And it makes a knocking noise whenever it goes over bumps.

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Someone told me that it might be possible to use old Mercedes parts so I could end up taking it there because I can't find a dealer close to me and there are very few of these cars left on the road.

Your advice will be welcomed. - Zizwe Bosilong, Gauteng


Hi Zizwe,

The distribution of SsangYong Motors has moved from the Imperial Group to Mahindra South Africa.

The last I heard 15 Mahindra dealerships had already begun dealing with SsangYong operations. These dealers will undertake warranty and servicing of new vehicles but those purchased before March 31 must be serviced at the previous distributor.

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