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Stars aid hurricane sandy victims

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R&B MUSICIAN Kanye West, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Paul McCartney and Jon Bon Jovi are some of the rock royalty who will perform at a special 12,12,12Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden on December 12, according to the organisers of the event.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin provoked angry criticism from bloggers and activists on Friday when he suggested to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that one of the jailed women from the Pussy Riot punk band was anti-Semitic.

Robert Pattinson set young hearts aflutter as the teen vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga films, but in Breaking Dawn - Part 2, released this week, the fifth and final in the series, Edward's character shifts to that of a contented husband and father who must protect his family from an ancient vampire clan.

Lindsay Lohan so wanted to secure her role playing Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming film Liz & Dick that she cut out the middleman and went straight to the producer herself, the star said in an interview on Friday.

Al Gore won an Oscar with a documentary that used bar graphs and pie charts to illustrate climate change and the fate of the Earth.

Gore's new film, Chasing Ice, documents the disappearance of the world's glaciers.

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